Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ladies and gentleman, big things are happening in Indiana DMR right now. Here's the latest update from Tony, W9AMT.

  • In an effort to “Make DMR Great Again”, the repeater trustees and admins of the W9SMJ, IN-1 cBridges along with the Hoosier DMR network have agreed to make the Indiana Statewide 3118 talkgroup a combined and shared statewide. We all believe this is in the best interest of the Indiana DMR users. Huge thanks to all who helped make this possible and for giving the link a chance.
  • 4 repeaters on the IN-1 cBridge network in the east-central part of the state have elected to leave that cBridge. As a result, Hoosier DMR has decided to make the Crossroads DMR talkgroup, group call #31189 on our system, available as a timed static on time slot 1 on Monday nights starting at 8pm EST to allow for more traffic and interest for the Crossroads DMR Net.
    This change will be for all repeaters in the Hoosier DMR network, including the W9AMT Muncie repeater, as well as the K9NZF Lynn (and New Castle, as soon as it goes live this spring) repeaters in the affected area.
    As always, 31189 is available as a dynamic (PTT) basis on all the Hoosier DMR repeaters, as well as the entire BrandMeister network. We hope this move helps fill the gaps and generates some activity for our fellow DMR enthusiasts.
  • Richard Nicholson, N9UMJ is converting his analog 147.345 repeater in Bedford, Indiana to an MMDVM driven digital machine. Aside from supporting the BrandMeister network on DMR, Rich reports it will also have Yaesu System Fusion, DSTAR, and P25 capability. Christopher Morgan and I will be sure to add this system to the next codeplug release.
    Welcome to the world of digital, Rich.

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  1. Looking forward to moving to the New Castle area sometime in 2019. Is the New
    Castle DMR Repeater K9NZF up and running as of 12/1/18?