Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 2014

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We updated the page with some new repeater info and added an interactive map for you to see if your area is (or soon will be) covered with a DMR repeater. We welcome the addition of Marion to the Hoosier DMR family. Good job Kevin KB9CRA with the help of Randy WB9VLE on getting that machine on the air! 

There's rumor that CSI will be introducing a DMR repeater of their own mid 2015. With the low prices they currently have, a CSI DMR repeater (if compatible with Motorola's IPSC protocols) will only help increase the worlds DMR infrastructure. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 2014 update

A few noteworthy things have happened this month. 

  • First to mention is that Bill Atkinson, NF9K, has joined the Indiana DMR family with the addition of an XPR8400 with a temporary home at his QTH near Eagle Creek reservoir. The info for his machine is as follows: 
441.025+, Color Code 1
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 1 = World Wide (PTT activated with 5 min inactivity timeout)
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 13= WW English
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 3 = N. AmericaTime Slot #1 - Group Call 310 = TAC-310
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 9999 = Audio Test (PTT Activated - 2 min inactivity timeout)

Time Slot #2- Group Call 3169 = Midwest Regional 
Time Slot #2 - Group Call 3118 = Indiana Statewide
Time Slot #2 - Group Call 2 = Local

  • Secondly, Steve, N9KYB, has turned the Frankfort repeater into a master, with Galveston and Indianapolis becoming it peers, thus making Local TG2 now only simulcasting to that "node" or zone. This will allow for local rag chewing without tying up the entire network as it has in the past. 

  • Lastly, Randy WB9VLE, has decided to eliminate the use of TG719, Eastern Indiana, as the local talkgroup and to migrate that traffic over to Local TG2 on his master and its peers. 

Please remember that TG3118 Indiana is still connected to all repeaters in the state on TS2 and still allows everyone to be able to talk to one another! 


Sunday, September 21, 2014 shirts

So we've been toying around with idea of making t-shirts to fund an upcoming big network upgrade. Anyone interested in one? Send us a message. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Indianapolis is LIVE and on the air!

Finally, 21 months after the idea was first conceived, Indianapolis is now "officially" a part of the DMR-MARC worldwide network and the flagship repeater for Hoosier DMR! We at Hoosier DMR would personally like to thank the W9ICE repeater club for hosting the Indy machine for us at the Hawthorne tower facility. Frank Swindler (WB9OPR) was on-site with us today and assisted with the install, but Bill Akin (K9YDO) and Dale Scheiman (WB9YCZ) were also a big part in the decision making and pre-planning to get the Indy machine on the air for us. If you see those guys, give them a thousand thank you's and buy 'em a cold one on us. We certainly owe them a big one for sure. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Site announcement!!!!

Just got word that there's a possibility of two new DMR sites going up in the upcoming months. A trustee in Terre Haute has a failing/aging analog MSF5000 and is very interested in joining the Hoosier DMR network and a couple of individuals with an MSS in Columbus want to out up a system down there as well!!! Indiana has caught the DMR epidemic!!!! We are on FIRE!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Coverage Maps

We added a very rudimentary coverage map to our page today. We estimate this coverage to be complete by summer of 2015. We are still (STILL!!!!!) waiting on frequency coordination for some sites from the Indiana Repeater Council. 

Frankfort, Indiana is live and on the air!

The newest DMR repeater to join Hoosier DMR is in Frankfort, Indiana! Its an XPR8400 hosted by Steve, N9KYB!

Good Job, Steve! is now live!

Since these DMR repeaters are going up all over the place in Indiana, all of us trustees decided to form Hoosier DMR, the official home for the Indiana DMR repeater network. Check us out online @